Kristall healing kurs med Mark Bajerski

Crystal Healing Masters Certificate – Allt du vill veta om kristaller och hur de fungerar.

Ta del av en fantastisk 4-dagars resa in i kristallernas underbara healingkraft!

Lär dig hur du kan heala med olika kristaller. Denna kurs är idealisk för dig som arbetar som healer och vill få en djupare förståelse för kristallernas magiska kraft och hur du kan använda dessa under healing. Du kommer få lära dig hur kristallerna fungerar och hur du ska arbeta med dem. Hur du identifierar de olika kristallerna och varför du dras till vissa kristaller. Mark har en mycket djup kontakt med kristallerna han arbetar med, han tillbringa många timmar med att kanalisera kärlek och andlig energi till varje unik pjäs. Deltagarna kommer att arbeta med en mängd olika kristaller från Marks personliga och kraftfulla samling och kommer att ge healing till många klienter som är inbjudna för att bli healade med dessa kristaller.   Du erhåller ett certifikat som crystalhealer och får även kristaller att ta med dig hem.

Nästa kristall healing kurs är den 17-20 februari.

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Crystal Healing Masters Certificate – Practitioner’s Level

Share an incredible 4-day journey into the amazing healing powers of Crystals, with internationally renowned spiritual healer, Mark Bajerski. This programme is ideal for anyone working actively as a healer and it will deeply explore the bond between Healer and Crystals on a beautiful new path of deeper understanding.

The course will build confidence for the Healer as they are guided through healing techniques that channel pure spiritual healing and that deepen the healing experience of their clients. Mark has a very deep connection with the crystals he works with, spending many hours channelling love and spiritual energy into each unique piece. Participants will work with a variety of crystals from Mark’s personal and powerful collection and will provide healing to many souls invited for healing sessions with these crystals.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Mark Bajerski shares his pure love and very deep understanding of the healing and beneficial powers of the crystals that he has worked with for over 10 years.  Through this love and understanding, Mark works with each crystal to optimise it’s own unique and powerful healing energy.
Day 1: 
On Day 1, Mark will provide an intense and guided teaching on the history of crystals and how their energy works, the how and why Crystals are key healing tools that are provided to us by the Universe. Mark will highlight a number of different types of crystals and their traits – healing, cleansing, abundance. You will receive an overview on how to effectively use crystals for meditation, relaxation and health benefits and Mark’s guidance on how to effectively care for your crystals. On this first day, Mark will also focus on the first vital step towards becoming a Pure Energy Crystal Healer – cutting the cords of any negativities and clearing away issues. Day 1 will leave the participant fully energized and open to a much deeper Spiritual and Crystal Connection.

  • Introduction to Pure Energy Crystals: a uniquely effective channel with Crystals where deep healing occurs.
  • Clearing and Cleansing: Breaking down walls/barriers and removing negative beliefs.
  • Crystal Self-Healing: Enabling Spiritual connection to your Crystal to allow deep self-healing to occur.

Day 2:  
Day 2 prepares participants for the practice of Crystal healing on others. In understanding how Crystal energy works, how to attune to those energies and how to work with them reveals a powerful new way for each participant to help themselves and to help heal others in overcoming painful challenges.

  • Intense learning and understanding on working with different Crystals.
  • Effective Spiritual Crystal attunement: deep connection to inner spiritual source allowing for an open flow of pure Crystal energy healing.
  • Developing Crystal intuition and recognizing where healing is most needed with each chosen Crystal.
  • Identifying the most powerful Crystal connecting points for channeling Crystal healing.

Day 3: 
Day 3 Level 3 Masters will provide participants with an overview on tools of divination that aid and work alongside Crystals in deep healing. The day will focus heavily on intense and practical one-on-one Pure Energy Crystal healing sessions.  A gentle and safe environment will be provided where participants can apply their learning through practical, hands-on Crystal healing sessions. Mark will be guiding each participant as they work as Pure Energy Crystal Healers with a number of invited guests.

  • Greeting your guest, connecting to his/her energy to facilitate a powerful energy flow.
  • Attunement to Spirit to facilitate as a channel for pure divine Crystal healing to occur.
  • Mark will provide guidance throughout all Crystal healing sessions.

Day 4:  Working as a Master in Pure Energy Crystal Healer
Day 4 provides participants with the answers to the question ‘What now?’  Each participant will receive practical advice and guidelines on how to begin life working as a Pure Energy Crystal Healer. With over 10 years working experience Mark is one of the most sought-after Crystal healers in Europe. Based on his own personal experiences, from life as a highly successful Auctioneer to full-time Spiritual Crystal Healer, Mark fully understands how starting-out can feel overwhelming and a big step for many. This day offers participants all the advice and support needed to take that step and fly!

  • Pure Energy Crystal Healer: how to begin.
  • Key secrets, highs/lows, what to expect?
  • Practical Crystal tools and guidance to overcoming obstacles.